Vintage Vanity

I’m notorious for starting things and never finishing them. A few years ago, I started to refinish this vanity. It was mine when I was growing up, but it originally it was my great-grandmothers, Christine Arway. Of course, I started it and I got partially done, but then, as is always the case, I put it aside.

Circa 1930s vanity that belonged to my great grandmother.

At the beginning of this summer, Victoria encouraged me to bring the vanity to our garage and continue the refinishing process. She is also one of those people who starts things and doesn’t finish. She said she would help because she wanted it in her room. So I thought that maybe if we both worked on it, we would eventually complete it.

Originally, I began stripping the paint in my parent’s garage, but this time, Victoria and I trekked over to my mom and dad’s house to pick up the vanity. It had been stored in their garage for the past thirty years. In the process of moving the vanity to the car, the entire right side came undone from the rest of the piece. Ugh! Looks like a little repair work was in the stars.

We began the process of stripping almost 90 years of paint using CitriStrip Gel. I had seen a few suggestions to put on a thick layer of gel and then add plastic wrap over top. We did attempt that process a few times, but found it was just as easy without the plastic wrap. Trust me, it didn’t just take one application to remove the paint, it took five or six on some parts. All in all, the CitriStrip worked really well. As it was the first time using a paint stripper, I can’t tell if it’s better, worse, or about the same as others. I’d give it a thumbs up for the most part.



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